“I am a trauma and cancer survivor with 50 years of diverse life experience. My professional background is in Motivational Teaching, Well Being and TV Journalism. As a Coach and Psychotherapist I am passionate about empowering others and alleviating symptoms of distress.

I strongly believe that we all have the potential for growth – whatever our experience. I am committed to facilitating that growth. Starting a therapeutic relationship takes courage and commitment and can be daunting. However, it will be life changing.

If you would like to feel your life’s potential – I very much look forward to working with you.”

How Kate


Kate invites you to engage in her unique approach: an integration of compassion, empathic confrontation and positive energy. She refers to her model as ‘SPRINT’ ( Sequentially Planned Relational Integrative Neuroscientific Therapy ) – to finding your way back to your SELF.

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Address: The Ebury Practice, 54A Ebury St, London, SW1W 0LU
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