Narrative therapy is a successful approach which separates the person from the problem. It was devised by Michael White and David Epston. It is widely used within family systemic therapy, individual adult, couples and childrens counselling. It sits well within the philosophical assumptions of the humanistic approach as it is a non-pathologising and collaborative approach which recognises that people have the natural ability and competencies to guide lasting change in their own lives.

The client is encouraged to externalise the problem, thus creating a different narrative or story which suits the person better. This enables the client to develop and offer themselves greater self-compassion which can then in turn, help him to feel more empowered to change.

Telling one’s story is believed to be the catalyst towards change. Simply the telling acts as a reframing of the story, allowing the person to see and hear the problem more objectively, within a broader sociocultural context. Alongside the therapist the person can then co-create preferable storylines that might exist beyond the original problem.

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