As a profound reflection of Kate’s life journey and experience, KBTherapy is in the process of developing 3 Adult Workshops that have been designed to encapsulate the very essence of it’s Founder’s journey. Details of these will be released later in 2018 here and in Kate’s on-going Blog.

These training opportunities will be offered as 1 Day and Weekend Seminars in London; suitable for both trainee therapists, counsellors and psychotherapists, as well as Individuals looking for Self-Development.

KB Therapy London

We also aim to provide:

  • Resilience Coaching
  • EAP Services (Employment Assistance Programme)


KBTherapy offers provision of qualified and accredited counsellor’s to companies who offer the (EAP) scheme to their employees.

We can assure that:

  1. Our Counsellor’s have all undertaken at least 400 hours of Counselling Training, have at least 2 years post qualification experience (450 hours of Counselling Practice) and are Registered Members of either the BACP (British Association Counsellors & Psychotherapists) or the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy)
  2. Our Counsellor’s are both insured and indemnified, with an ongoing commitment to CPD (Continued Professional Development). They are all in regular Clinical Supervision, which adheres to the Ethical Framework of their relevant Accrediting Professional Body.
  3. The EAP Counselling takes place in a Confidential and Professional setting in accordance with UKCP & BACP Guidance premises checks.


Our Counsellor’s offer a ‘Short Term Goal Focussed Counselling’ Model which aims to fit with your organisation’s ethos. All our professional staff can deliver work place solutions within specified time frames – whilst also recommending alternative longer-term therapeutic approaches where necessary.

KBTherapy International

KBTherapy also offers Well-Being Workshops and EAP to corporations including: World Aid Organisations, Charities, NGO’s, The Military and News Organisations – whose employees work in some of the toughest, most volatile environments overseas.

Kate Brown (Founder) having previously worked in Cyprus and the Middle East understands only too well the long term consequences that stress and work pressure have on the body and mental well- being. Left unattended, the fallout can be catastrophic; both to the individual employee (stress being the biggest cause of dis-ease) and economically to the employer.

KBTherapy aims to provide a team of highly qualified and ethical therapeutic practitioners – all of whom come with their own area of expertise. (Trauma, Crisis Response) It is our speciality to provide the right emotional support at the right time. Most of our team have international experience of working cross-culturally and can offer a range of languages.

All of our ethical practitioners are trained in assessment and formulating integrative treatment plans. This might be short term goal focussed work, psychoeducation or longer counselling and psychotherapy support, conducted face-to-face or via Skype. We can tailor our therapeutic package to suit your requirements.

We invite your questions.

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